We provide the legal community with more ways to privately communicate in real-time with inmate clients.

Exchange voice and text messages, instantly deliver bulk announcements to all of your incarcerated clients, and more.
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Effective legal representation starts with effective attorney-client communication. But with incarcerated clients, communication is not always easy because:

  • You can’t call inmate clients back when you miss their calls
  • You can’t use text messages to communicate
  • You can’t leave each other voicemails when necessary
  • It’s impossible for you to answer every inmate call
  • You can only deliver private, urgent messages to clients by visiting the jail
  • Writing letters back and forth takes forever

LegalLine Solutions offers multiple forms of real-time attorney-client communication to overcome all of these hurdles!



Lawyers and inmates can exchange messages like they both have mobile phones.

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It’s hard to effectively communicate with an incarcerated client. You’re stuck with writing letters, jail visits, and the bothersome task of sending messages through a client’s family and friends. LegalLine Solutions broadens your attorney-client communication options.

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

The term ‘attorney-client communication’ is indicative of but one word – confidentiality. LegalLine Solutions understands that, and not only protects your data from our internal team, but it is also our policy to never share that data with state or federal government officials. (See Terms of Service)

It’s All About Reputation

LegalLine Solutions delivers communication products that are not only designed to make engaging your inmate clients easier, but also to help boost your firm’s reputation as one easily reached by clients when they need you the most.